High Density Cellulose

Cellulose has a high insulative value, known as "R" value.  It is R-3.6 per inch.We spray cellulose into a 2x4 wall cavity and get R13. Also, since it is a very high density material, the resultant air seal stops those nasty drafts and convection currents you get with just fiberglass batts behind your walls.

Cellulose insulation is one of the most "Green Friendly" materials in your house.  It is made from recycled newspaper with fire retardant in it.  Follow this link to find out more

Cellulose, when blown in attics to the proper depth and density, outperforms fiberglass.

Special Note:  Getting Your $$$ Worth 

 If you contract someone to add cellulose to your attic, or do it yourself, make sure you or they follow the recommendations on the bags of cellulose.  It is important to get the correct VOLUME or BAG COUNT installed.  We have gone into new buildings after another contractor had "Insulated" the attic only to find that the owners had 1/2 or less the R-Value they were sold.  How does this happen?  Simple.  Either the contractor just intentionally undershot the depth of the material, or he CHEATED the owners by blowing a lot more air into the material which "fluffed up" and made it appear that he had installed the correct amount.  The way to know if you're getting your dollars worth is to ask the contractor BEFORE he installs the insulation what he estimated the amount should be.  Also the quantities of bags per 1000 square foot of area is printed RIGHT ON THE BAG.


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