Frankfort Indiana, USA


Church Projects


 Greentown Indiana Church

      We insulated this project with Spray Adhered Cellulose in the outside walls, which added considerably to the sound deadening from the outside besides the thermal insulating properties.  It also adds an additional 15 minutes of fire rating to the sprayed walls.





    Additionally they wanted a sound deadening ceiling that had a black appearance.  We accomplished both by spraying ThermoCon and then oversprayed it black paint.















 Kokomo Church, Kokomo Indiana

     This project is a prengineered metal building with a large central sanctuary and two side wings running the length of the building.  Each wind is about 30' x 120'.  The wings had been insulated with traditional vinyl covered R19 batts attached to the underside of the roof deck.  The problem was that the ceiling was still condensing badly.  We came in, covered the floors and misc. things with plastic and then sprayed 1 1/2 " of polyurethane foam (R-11) across the fiberglass batts and the smaller purlins.  This resulted in NO AIR being able to get to the metal roof and as a result, NO moisture to condense out









     Oh, Yeah, love that ceiling tile grid.  We did not have to replace the first frame.  Our guys are caring and professional.
















     ...........when it comes to sealing ANYTHING, there is no better product than high density foam.


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