History/Who We Are:

Hoosier Square is a "S" Chapter Corporation . We are registered with Dun and Bradstreet (79-219-7105) and the Federal Central Contractor Registration (CAGE 3KUS3). We are classified as a "woman owned business".         

1. Background

Hoosier Square has been installing insulation for 18 years. We service the agriculture industry, the housing industry and do commercial work as well. We have traditionally installed fiberglass batts as well as attic blown in insulation. Also, we install cellulose insulation. The cellulose insulation can be installed in a variety of ways including sprayed in place forming an excellent energy seal. We insulate structures ranging in size from older homes to hog containment facilities to government buildings. Any structure that the owner wants to be more energy efficient is a potential market for us.

2. Management

Katie Gray - President of Corporation - Administrative Manager

Katie is 100% owner of Hoosier Square Inc. She directs two assistants and has her hands on the financial pulse of the business. She directs the record keeping and administration of the business. From initial quote, to final lien release, Katie keeps track of our business.

Bob Gray - General Manager

Bob Gray leads a small group of highly motivated individuals. He coordinates his teams on various projects as needed. This ranges from meeting with customers, making sales calls, to final review and punch out of a project. He is responsible for master scheduling. Most important, he is responsible for ensuring Hoosier Square maintains a high level of customer satisfaction with a net income that allows us to continue to service our customers.

Steve Clingaman Sales & Project Manager

Steve meets with customers and directs projects from start to completion. He has directed projects in other states and aboard ship overseas. His technical knowledge is utilized in working with customers on their problem areas of coatings and insulation. He also maintains the business computer network.

Roberto Hernandez Crew Leader

Roberto has been with Hoosier Square for 9 years. He directs his men on the job site and ensures a professional job is completed in all aspects of specialized insulation.

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