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Hotels and Extended Stay Suite Projects


 Homewood Suites Downtown Indianapolis

     Hilton, Homewood Suites Meridian Row in downtown Indianapolis.  The owners remodeled a 5 story warehouse into extended stay facilities.  We installed the thermal  and sound insulation.










     The hotel is comprised of the 2 gray and one red brick building on the right in the above picture.  As you can see from the side photos, there was allot of gutting to do, but the end result made into rooms with 12 foot ceilings.






    The hotel affords a view of the RCA Dome and downtown.











Homewood Suites 456West Indianapolis

     A four story extended stay hotel on the west side of Indianapolis, again, we installed the thermal and sound insulation.











 Candlewood Suites, Airport Expressway, Indianapolis

This project is a 6 story hotel within sight of the Indianapolis International Airport.  We insulated this project with Spray Adhered Cellulose in the outside walls, which added considerably to the sound deadening from the outside besides the thermal insulating properties.  It also adds an additional 15 minutes of fire rating to the sprayed walls.  Naturally, we also blew in cellulose in the attic.


More pictures showing the insulation are coming soon.










Silhavy Point Office Complex, Valparaiso Indiana

Homewood Suites, Hilton, Bloomington Indiana



Ramada Inn, Lebanon IN

This was a unique renovation project.  The Ramada Inn had a interior pool area with old insulation falling down.  The old insulation was a type of glue sprayed cellulose sprayed directly on a concrete "double T" roof deck.  It appeared that a combination of holes drilled through the concrete, as well as higher than design humidity had contributed to the insulation spalling off the ceiling.


















Also we found, that above the windows of the rooms on the 2nd floor that shared pool room, discoloration and potential mold because of high humidity and low insulation factor at the transition of the header above the windows. (See the photo below.)




Our solution, have the owners run both of their HVAC units and add a polyurethane foam layer (R7) plus a new layer of spray cellulose (ThermoCon) which added another R3.5 and acts as a sound absorber.

First, however, we removed all the loose/discolored/wet material.




Then we foamed it.









Then we sprayed it with new ThermoCon.

Click here for more picture





     ...........when it comes to sealing ANYTHING, there is no better product than high density foam.


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