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Sound Insulation

We can Reduce Your Sound by 75 %!

There are multiple ways to deal with Sound Problems and two primary ways of measuring the results.  The first is called the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), and the second is the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC).  You can click on here:  NRC/ STC,for a good explanation of each.

We use a product called "ThermoCon", which has excellent NRC numbers.  In the picture below, we sprayed 1" high density foam and 1" of Thermocon.  This gave a combined R-Value of R-11, and a NRC of .75.  So in this application, which was a factory warehouse being converted to office spaces, they will have 75% of the sound absorbed between the ceiling rafters.  For more information on this product click here:  ThermoCon.



For a video of THIS project being sprayed: Click Here


The video below is of a metal building that is being used as an automated truss manufacturing facility with lots of large saws and lots of noise.  We sprayed it with 1" of high density polyurethane foam, followed by 1" of Thermocon.  This resulted in a very good thermal break (R-10.5) from the metal building as well as knocking down the noise level (NRC of .75).


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